Seat Pleasant, Maryland

“A Smart City of Excellence”

I am Mayor Eugene W. Grant, and have been Mayor of Seat Pleasant for 15 years!

Seat Pleasant is located in Maryland and shares a border with Washington DC.

Our City is a bedroom community with a  population of a little more than 4700.

Our City is a transportation hub with easy access to public transit such as Metro, and is also in close proximity to 3 airports!

Our Primary Revenue sources are property taxes and our city’s share of state income tax. We can’t generate revenue by raise taxes, so we had to find innovative ways to do more with less. That is why we are becoming a Smart City!

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US and Canadian Cities by Population


20,000 or Less


Over 20,000


10,000 or Less


Over 10,000

Advantages of a Small City

1. Nimble & Agile

3. Affordability

2. Can Scale

4. Access to Transportation

Seat Pleasant MD & Washington DC


  • High Volume Traffic – Everyday, over 100K cars pass through the city
  • Access to Subway/Metro and Public Transit and Close Proximity to 3 Airports
  • Median household value is 235K in Seat Pleasant, compared to 570K in DC

Praire View TX & Houston TX



  • Median household value in Praire View Texas is approximately 101K compared to over 186K in Houston Texas

Columbus OH & Cleveland OH

At its peak, Cleveland OH was three times the size of Columbus. Since then, these two cities have gone in completely different directions. While Cleveland OH was holding on to its past industries, Columbus OH was moving forward with Smart City concepts centered around transportation. As a result, Columbus OH is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, while Cleveland OH is seeing a significant population decline.

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